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Founder of Simply Nourishing

Our Story


Founder, wife, mother, and model Brijanae Knox is the heartbeat and hard work behind the brand. Brijanae began Simply Nourishing Skincare in 2020 out of passion, made with recognized healthy ingredients found on her plate- turning it into an all-natural handmade skincare right out of her kitchen.  Simply Nourishing Skincare is made to help people with different types of skin conditions rejuvenate their skin. 


Everything we put on our skin circulates into our bodies, affecting our inside! Studies have shown that some everyday used skin care products have toxic chemicals that can cause serious health issues like asthma, learning disabilities, cancer, infertility, and more. Simply Nourishing Skincare is a game changer! 


Simply Nourishing is

The Ultimate  ALL IN ONE Moisturizer !!

 Dark Spots and Discoloration  Eczema   Winter Cracked Skin  Inflammation and Irritation  Stretch Marks   Scars   Wrinkles   Sunburns  

Opening Hours

Mon - Thursdays: 9am - 6pm

Friday: 10am - 5pm

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Customer Service

T: 213.999.1277

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